Coming Soon!

we are very close to opening…..

so no more pictures until it’s all done….

we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

But here’s our new logo!Postcard front

T is for teamwork, and Tombstone, …..and Tile.

It looks like a scene from a horror movie -a walk through a ghostly graveyard…


but its actually about 1/3 of the kitchen floor with tile laid down, and the little graves are the tile spacers.

It was a team effort today.. Roman and Jenny were trading off placing tombstones

Tile Jen

and Johannes taking some personal pride in the project…..

tile johannes

After all….he will be spending most of his daytime hours here, once we open…

Once the tiles have set a bit, the spacers are removed and a tile floor emerges!

Tile floor

Getting closer!

Premier Primer

I’m a little behind on my weekly updates, but we have been working away…

It’s amazing how much a project can go from looking like some junk you pieced together,

to looking like an actual “something”, with just the first coat of primer..

The wainscoting is finally starting to look, well, -like wainscoting

Wainscoting 1

Very “Stately without being pretentious” -as my contractor complemented me.

*The actual color will be a rich walnut.

Wainscoting IIthe plumber starts  “dry fitting”  tomorrow, so this lonely prep sink will have someone to play with.

lonely sink

And we may actually start tiling the kitchen with this fine, fine Italian porcelain (no really, I’m serious, it is fine Italian porcelain) next week.


Well thats all for now……


Re-claim and Re-use.

We spent this weekend, dreaming up, planning,

re-planning and finally building the mounting system for all the 100 year-old re-claimed original doors from the building,

will become the wainscoting for the Pizzeria.

Waincoting 1

-once they’re all trimmed up and re-painted, I think it’s going to give us that timeless, old Italian joint we are going for.

Wainscoting 2

and then I threw a vintage Lambretta scooter frame into the shot just for extra Italian-ness

(this newly acquired project is going to sit on ice for a while, at least until the restaurant is finished)


The doors have been hanging out in the old Seattle underground…..

Big Vwhich is fairly cinematic itself.


I’m thinking about turning these old knobs I took off the doors, into some tasteful coat-hooks…


….because what could be more comfortable than hanging your coat on a nice antique door knob?

Hopefully, we will get started on the kitchen floors this week as well!

Day 10, Moving Right Along….

After a busy week of tearing up flooring,

patching up spots of rotten boards,

having the professionals lay down salvaged original fir boards in the gaps,

framing the kitchen out,

picking paint,

and purchasing lighting,

….It’s starting to look less like an abandoned seaside shack,

and a bit more like the beginnings of a restaurant.


We salvaged the original doors from the building, which we will turn into some classic style wainscoting to wrap the space..


The boards we pulled up from the kitchen area, that will soon be tiled,

patched up the rotted hodgepodge of plywood that was the entry way.


the exposed bricks got a healthy coating of sealant today…but you can’t really tell


And our newly acquired antique chandelier will soon find it’s home in the heavens.


Stay tuned……

Construction Day 1, Peeling back the layers

Well, it may have taken a while but our permits have finally been all approved!   For our first day of construction, task one was to pull up all the old plywood that is covering the original fir floors.   I’m ready.

ME We had no idea what shape the floors were in under there, or what treasures lay beneath…

turns out some sweet linoleum was under the plywood…..

Floor 1

and under the linoleum, some newspapers from 1946….  and in other parts a few from 1950…

Newspaper 2 newspaper 3 newspaper 4 Newspaper 1

and then a few clues as to what other businesses might of occupied this space over the last 110 years….

I’m thinking a Seamstress?


We decided to take a little break and get out of the dust, so we headed next door to what will be “Good Bar”  a bar also slated to open sometime this summer.  We will now get to boast that it was WE who enjoyed the first drinks at the new neighborhood watering hole.

(a nice crisp Gavi is just about as good as a cold beer on a construction site)


And at the end of the day, when the task was done, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the original fir floors, from 1883 were all in all in great shape, just a bit dusty…..

floors 2

One step closer to Pizza…….

A successful research trip…..

Well, Johannes and I have safely made it back from Rome,

somehow still fitting into our clothes and with our livers intact.

…And let me tell you, It was worth the trip!

for those of you who are still not exactly sure what “Roman Style” pizza is, here’s some pictures to give you an idea what we have in the works…

In Rome, this type of Pizza, is called “Pizze Taglia” or cut pizza.

IMG_2589Basically, large pizzas are made with an almost focaccia like, long fermented dough, and baked in high-temperaure ovens.

After the first baking, they get wide varieties of toppings, from as simple as extra virgin olive oil and rosemary, as hearty as roasted tomato, buratta and spicy coppa, and as whimsical as wild spinach, smoked pork loin, dandelion and wild edible flowers

-and literally everything in between!

Some are baked in pans…


And others are baked directly on the oven stones, for a more familiar crust style.


IMG_2576We plan on serving a mix of the two depending on the topping style that day, this broccoli Rappini, and spicy peppers had a thin layer of potato puree, as the “sauce” -it was fantastic!


I’m sure now your big question is “WHEN WILL YOU OPEN?!?”

Well, the lease is in place, the architect’s drawings are in the City’s hands, and the oven is awaiting delivery. as soon as we get granted our building permit from the (always overloaded) department of planning, we can start swinging hammers!

Ciao for now!


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