A successful research trip…..

Well, Johannes and I have safely made it back from Rome,

somehow still fitting into our clothes and with our livers intact.

…And let me tell you, It was worth the trip!

for those of you who are still not exactly sure what “Roman Style” pizza is, here’s some pictures to give you an idea what we have in the works…

In Rome, this type of Pizza, is called “Pizze Taglia” or cut pizza.

IMG_2589Basically, large pizzas are made with an almost focaccia like, long fermented dough, and baked in high-temperaure ovens.

After the first baking, they get wide varieties of toppings, from as simple as extra virgin olive oil and rosemary, as hearty as roasted tomato, buratta and spicy coppa, and as whimsical as wild spinach, smoked pork loin, dandelion and wild edible flowers

-and literally everything in between!

Some are baked in pans…


And others are baked directly on the oven stones, for a more familiar crust style.


IMG_2576We plan on serving a mix of the two depending on the topping style that day, this broccoli Rappini, and spicy peppers had a thin layer of potato puree, as the “sauce” -it was fantastic!


I’m sure now your big question is “WHEN WILL YOU OPEN?!?”

Well, the lease is in place, the architect’s drawings are in the City’s hands, and the oven is awaiting delivery. as soon as we get granted our building permit from the (always overloaded) department of planning, we can start swinging hammers!

Ciao for now!

Our Historic new digs!

 We are ecstatic to have found the home for Pizzeria Gabbiano, in Seattle’s historic Furuya Building…

A building that has stood the test of time and had a few “ups and downs”


The original building shown here was built in 1899, as a substation of the Snoqualmie Falls Power Co.


After the Earthquake of 1949, it was reduced to just the bottom 3 levels


and here today, fully restore to the original


We will be occupying the little space just to the right of the corner spot,


We’ve got plans to utilize as much of the salvaged material from the restoration as we possibly can

I see some tabletops and wainscoting in the future of these original pieces…

wood wainscotingWe will keep you posted……


Roman Style Street Pizza coming to you in Spring 2014!

cropped-barra-gabbiano1.jpg-Brought to you by Michael Easton


It seems to defy our perception of food, when a pizza dough, having only three visible ingredients, can have the depth of favor, the chew, and the and overall satisfaction of a slice of pizza you may have if you visit Rome’s Campo De Fiore.
That thing you are tasting that sets it apart,
is not the particular brand of organic flour, or the very specific Sicilian Sea Salt chosen for the recipe,
but a more etherial ingredient, -that cannot be simply found on the grocery store shelf.
It’s time. 
 It’s the ingredient that makes a Prosciutto de Parma not just a ham,
it’s the thing that makes Parmigiana Reggiano not just a simple farmers cheese,
it’s the thing that lets a simple combination of flour, water and salt transcend the idea we think of as pizza dough.
The result is a fluffy flat bread, ripe with the flavors of naturally occurring wild yeasts.
It has a slight tang form a natural fermentation taking place over several days,
a sweetness from the starches in the flour slowly breaking down to become natural sugars, and a tender chewiness that can only come from taking the time to mix and knead the dough by hand.
That dough is the foundation for great pizza.
Now caramelize those sugars in a 650 degree oven, letting the bright acidity of the tomato embrace the milky richness of the hand made mozzarella, and you have in many peoples’ opinion,
some of the best pizza in the world..
And a pizza we will be striving to emulate at Pizzeria Gabbiano


Stay tuned………

A roman style street pizza joint coming to Pioneer Square in spring 2014


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