A successful research trip…..

Well, Johannes and I have safely made it back from Rome,

somehow still fitting into our clothes and with our livers intact.

…And let me tell you, It was worth the trip!

for those of you who are still not exactly sure what “Roman Style” pizza is, here’s some pictures to give you an idea what we have in the works…

In Rome, this type of Pizza, is┬ácalled “Pizze Taglia” or cut pizza.

IMG_2589Basically, large pizzas are made with an almost focaccia like, long fermented dough, and baked in high-temperaure ovens.

After the first baking, they get wide varieties of toppings, from as simple as extra virgin olive oil and rosemary, as hearty as roasted tomato, buratta and spicy coppa, and as whimsical as wild spinach, smoked pork loin, dandelion and wild edible flowers

-and literally everything in between!

Some are baked in pans…


And others are baked directly on the oven stones, for a more familiar crust style.


IMG_2576We plan on serving a mix of the two depending on the topping style that day, this broccoli Rappini, and spicy peppers had a thin layer of potato puree, as the “sauce” -it was fantastic!


I’m sure now your big question is “WHEN WILL YOU OPEN?!?”

Well, the lease is in place, the architect’s drawings are in the City’s hands, and the oven is awaiting delivery. as soon as we get granted our building permit from the (always overloaded) department of planning, we can start swinging hammers!

Ciao for now!

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